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Internet filter for Australia

The Australian government is about to activate an Internet filter similar to the one China and Iran uses that filters all Internet content to the country.

The initial justification for creating the filter was stopping illegal sexual content. Unfortunately people who want to view this sort of material need to do it using secret chat rooms and use encrypted torrents as they would be arrested if they set up a plain “website” with a URL that can be filtered. Therefor it’s fairly safe to say a filter based on URLs is going to be ineffective at stopping this content.

So what is the filter actually going to do then?

It appears that a “board” of people will be selected and they will add URLs to the secret list of filtered websites as they see fit and based on complaints they receive. This will include any site, it does not have to be illegal, they just need to refuse it classification to add it to the list. This refusal will be based on what they considered “morally acceptable” to a “normal” person.

The future with the Australian Internet filtered

Some people believe the filter is pointless has the potential to be abused by those who control it. This may well be a fair assessment.

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